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Fit Bird is an online retailer based in South Africa. We source high quality, delicious and organic food products  for those who care about their health. We carefully source locally produced products as we believe that it is important to support local businesses as best we all can, and make these products available to you on our website and other various platforms. Our products are niche and limited to supply, which is what allows them to maintain a level of quality that cannot be found in food products that are mass-produced and widely available.


If you enjoy niche and exclusive products, Fit Bird is just for you. 


About us 

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Who we are 

Fit Bird is a family-owned business that began as a health food delivery service in Stellenbosch, which has become an online retailer of health foods and products. Fit Bird sources high quality and organic products and supports small businesses by making their products available on various platforms. 

Our mission is to become the biggest online retailer of niche, high quality food and health-related products in South Africa, while remaining in tune with our customers and supporting only small and local businesses in the process of doing so.


We care deeply for our customers and just as much for the small businesses that we support,  and so it brings us great joy to be able to provide a platform that bring the two together.